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Short Story 21-Afternoon Dancer by Robert Trujillo

This afternoon uncle and I went for a walk. Everyone was resting during the early afternoon so we decided to walk through the empty city streets. There was one person out there.  A boy doing something, a dance of some kind, I’m not sure. But when I saw him move I was stunned, I could only watch. Uncle laughed saying “If I would have known you liked dancing, I would have taken you for a walk sooner”.
Childrens portrait 27-Lucas by Robert Trujillo This is Lucas he is about 6 I believe and is mixed Palestinian and Chinese. Super cute kid.


juggaknots // clear blue skies.

one of my all time favorites, need the LP on wax
Character 76-Little futbol-er Robert Trujillo

Listening to Sam Weber’s podcast , interview with the hilarious Shadra Strickland (childrens bk illustrator/professor)


Joe Henderson - Tetragon (listen at #jazz

#Scandal Character Illustration by Robert Trujillo.

Shout out to for posting this character up. I’m a big fan of the show Scandal, and if you dig the show check them out.
Character 75- HUCK by Robert Trujillo

Been working on this one for a couple of weeks. Children’s portraits 24-26. Masi, Jun, and Kobi

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