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Soul Portrait #1 - Andrew Ashong by Robert Trujillo

Discovered Andrew through Gilles Peterson’s show and have been listening ever since. Dig the brothers sound and he is the first in a new series of art and illustration featuring Soul musicians. So look out for Portraiture and Typography similar to the Jazz Series and very experimental. 

Some of my favorite songs by Andrew so far are Flowers, Never dreamed, and Don’t know why.
Character 80 Butterfly kid by Robert Trujillo

Look for more characters as I come off of campaign mode, back to secret and not so secret illustration mode.
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"   A mass movement demanding boycotts, divestment and sanctions is the only hope now for the Palestinian people. Such a movement must work for imposition of an arms embargo on Israel; this is especially important for Americans because weapons systems and attack aircraft provided by the U.S. are being used to carry out the assault. It must press within the United States for a cutoff of the $3.1 billion in military aid that the U.S. gives to Israel each year. It must organize to demand suspension of all free trade and other agreements between the U.S. and Israel. Only when these props are knocked out from under Israel will the Israeli leadership be forced, as was the apartheid regime in South Africa, to halt its “destructive process.” As long as these props remain, the Palestinians are doomed. If we fail to act we are complicit in the slaughter.   "
-Chris Hedges (Israel is Captive to Its ‘Destructive Process’)
Changed up the words a bit, but you get the idea.Handstyles #7-Amel Larrieux 
from “Magic”


erasure of Asian people and characters is very deep rooted in American media and goes all the way back to conception—don’t let it persist!

Nice! Well said. Some poc to look out for who just started their own animation company are “Tonko House” run by Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi


"I want to tell you that you all are vessels. I need you to not only clear your throats but clear your minds and hearts too. This is a movement, this is not a moment. I need you to check your egos and leave them out here in the courtyard.

This is not about you. We have thousands of young people in this city who are silenced, whose voices are not heard, whose stories are never told. I want you to be brave.”

Executive Producer of Brave New Voices Hodari Davis giving opening remarks yesterday afternoon to kick off #BNV14.

One of the only teachers in high school that had an effect on me. The voice, the style, and of course the content and heart of what he’s saying I carry with me. Thx for posting Lexx! Love you Mr. Davis!
→ SHARE THIS PLEASE -- Searching For African American Illustrators


STILL IN SEARCH OF An African American artist/ illustrator. I need about 25 images drawn for my new website. I would like to buy these images, and use them for promotional purposes, on t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.

I would also be happy to give you a spotlight article on the new website once it’s…

"   Good art provides people with a vocabulary about things they can’t articulate.   "
-Mos Def (Yasiin Bey)