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Listening to Sam Weber’s podcast , interview with the hilarious Shadra Strickland (childrens bk illustrator/professor)


Joe Henderson - Tetragon (listen at #jazz

#Scandal Character Illustration by Robert Trujillo.

Shout out to for posting this character up. I’m a big fan of the show Scandal, and if you dig the show check them out.
Character 75- HUCK by Robert Trujillo

Been working on this one for a couple of weeks. Children’s portraits 24-26. Masi, Jun, and Kobi

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Hey folks who follow along the journey, I now have some nice prints who were made by John Sheridan . If you would like to order a print of a painting or illustration that I’ve done that you liked, please let me know. You can contact me directly by emailing me at or you can check out my Etsy page. Thanks!
the prints from this photo were requested:Jazz CollageDeAndreParanorman 

Children’s portrait 23 Josh

This is what the image usually looks like when I start. I never trace the picture so as a result it is never really exactly like the photo. But I try to get close to the child’s likeness. The sketch takes the longest out of all the steps usually.

So then, here are some shots of the painting process for any of you working on your painting skills, which I definitely am. Always trying to get better or out do what I did yesterday. It is both bliss and agony, endless pursuit of perfection. And art and style is either changing for me or it is dying.

This little one’s big brother is Mateo (Bolivian and German/ Hungarian)

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So, I just did an illustration here for this organization called Pie Ranch, which teaches people how to farm, and does organizing work with young people and surrounding communities to raise awareness about where our food comes from and how to change the way we eat. If you have never worked for or with an organization diagrams like these help folks doing good work to not only see where their power lies, but to show potential allies where they fit in. You dig?

This illustration is based off the work of Jidan koon, a good friend and a local veteran of Bay Area organizing scene. Jidan helps organizations nationwide vision and strategize their future and goals. She also helps them create curriculum and leads facilitation. This kid of work is crucial to helping good organizations become better and exhausted organizations regain their focus. And she’s an amazing artist, so shout out to her!

Check out this video about Pie Ranch